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KLARIF Winter Skincare Tip & Water

Drinking WaterYour skin begins to dry and itchy as winter approaches. Here’s what KLARIF, Inc believes the most effective skincare routine.

100,000,000,000,000. This is approximately how many cells we have in our body. 100 Trillion. A whole bunch.

The cells are made up of over 70% water. If you don’t drink an adequate amount of pure water(no alcohol or caffeinated drinks), your cells will suffer from dehydration. They will begin to move water from inside the cells to the bloodstream, in order to maintain blood volume and pressure. If cell dehydration continues, these will happen: thirst, reduced sweating, reduced urine production, reduced skin elasticity and especially dry skin which has less resilience and more prone to wrinkling.

Water is a must to maintain skin moisture, remove toxins, and the vessel for delivering essential nutrients to the skin cells. Drinking an adequate amount of pure water is probably more important than any lotions applied topically. In other words, if your skin cells are dehydrated, they need water from the inside more than remedies from the outside.

KLARIF Authentique skincare line will then help activate restoration of the skin cells to look hydrated, supple, radiant and brighter complexion. So carry a bottle with you wherever you go and make it a part of yourself.

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